Don’t throw it away – Give it away!

Florida Keys RainbowNow you can donate your used items to people who really need them. Whether you have old sheets and towels or a discarded computer monitor, a musical instrument your child no longer plays or a bulletin board stored in a box somewhere, there’s probably a non-profit group in the Keys that can put it to good use. What might have become trash will now be ReUsed.

How works:

Look at the “items” pages on this site. We list everything from appliances to vehicles and many things in between. There are literally hundreds of things charities need. Perhaps you’ll see something you have that has been sitting in storage. Or ready to be thrown out. Next to each item we list which non-profit group needs that very thing. Just click on the abbreviation and you’ll be taken to their page with contact emails and phone numbers.

Then send the non-profit group an email or call to see how you can best deliver it. Many groups will be happy to pick items up.

In this way everyone wins. You dispose of something that has been cluttering up your house. The charitable organization gets something it really needs. And we all keep these things from sitting in the dump for hundreds of years.

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