Second Foods

Second Foods:

Although most of baby’s nutrients will come from your breast milk or infant formula, your baby will be developing a taste for different foods. After six months more flavour and texture can be added.

What to feed your baby

Now that you have introduced many of the simple-ingredient foods regularly, your baby is likely to want more. You can add a variety of foods for more tastes and textures.

Most of their nutrition will still come from breast milk or formula, but you can add Only Organic single-ingredient and simple-combination foods for greater flavour and variety in your baby’s diet. You can also continue to offer your baby Only Organic First Foods if they have particular favourites.

How to feed your baby

If your baby is happily eating solids, continue with what you are doing. Introduce new varieties and flavours whenever you get the chance every few days. Also remember that you can still keep feeding your baby’s favourite home prepared or Only Organic First Foods. Don't worry if your baby refuses to eat. If your baby refuses a food or turns their head away, try again later.

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