Autumn Seasonal Vegetables

Autumn Seasonal Vegetables

This is a gorgeous time of year with crisp sunny mornings and nature’s beautiful golden colours all around. Embrace this time and bring the season’s freshest ingredients into your kitchen to nourish your family. Eating with the seasons means you’re getting produce when it’s most nutritious, as fruit and vegetables are allowed to ripen naturally. You may also find it’s a cheaper way to fuel your household as produce is cheaper when it’s in abundance. Here are some of our favourite autumn vegetables and fruit.


Sweet, golden goodness, this is a mellow flavoured vegetable that is perfect in soups, roasted or as a puree. It’s a great first veggie for babies and a nutritious addition to family meals.


A subtly flavoured veggie, leeks are a great source of vitamin K, manganese, vitamin B6, iron, folate and vitamin C. Add to flans or make a traditional and nourishing leek and potato soup.


High in fibre, vitamins and minerals, green beans are a delicious addition to dinner. Simply steam them gently until tender and toss in a little butter. They make great finger food for wee ones!


These green and yellow vegetables are packed with vitamins K and C. Slice into rounds and sauté, chop and add to tomato sauce or Bolognese or grate and add to muffins and pies.


The versatile and nutritious apple comes in many varieties this time of year, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Southern Rose, Jazz and more. Snackable and bakeable, apples are a firm favourite for all families.


The most famous autumn fruit! Get your hands on a bucket load and simply slice and scoop. In the kitchen, you can poach and stew, or add to baking such as crumbles, muffins and upside down cakes.


Available in a variety of colours, pears are a great source of fibre. Slice and eat with cheese for a nutritious morning or afternoon snack.



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