Fruity Yoghurt pops

Fruity Yoghurt pops

These healthy homemade iceblocks are easy to make. You can pick up ice block molds at the supermarket or kitchen shops. Makes about eight ice blocks.


  • 2 packs Only Organic Banana and Apple
  • 2 egg whites
  • 2 tablespoons organic raw sugar
  • 2 packs Only Organic Banana, Vanilla & Greek Yoghurt Brekkie

Step 1

Squeeze a little Banana and Apple into each ice block mold and put in the freezer to set.

Step 2

Whisk egg whites until soft peaks form then add sugar slowly until the mixture turns glossy.

Step 3

Fold in the yoghurt and remaining Banana and Apple and mix gently.

step 4

Spoon the mixture into the ice block molds and return to the freezer. Add the sticks once the mixture is firm.?

step 5

Freeze overnight for at least six hours. The amount of mixture may vary due to the volume of the egg whites, any leftover mix can be spooned into a container and set for an adult dessert!

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