Donation Items

Click on the abbreviated names next to each item to find out which group needs it.

Birds on the BeachAppliances

Air conditioners, window  SH  SF
Blenders AH MWBC  HP
Clothes washers FKOC
Clothes dryers FKOC
Coffee Pots  HP  DAS
Coin operated washers and dryers  SH
Commercial refrigeration/freezer units SOM  DAS
Floor Polisher   DAS
Freezer, large KWWC
Hand vacuum DM
Ice machine  HP
Floor polisher  HP  DAS
Microwaves FKOC AH  DAS
Ovens- electric FKOC  DAS
Refrigerators FKOC
Refrigerator, apartment-sized   FKCSI 
Vacuum cleaner, heavy duty  HP    DAS

Art supplies

Acrylic paint UKSAD
Arts & Crafts supplies  GCC  HP   DAS  KCA
Art books UKSAD
Art work  HP
Costumes  KCA
Crayons  DAS
Drawing paper  DAS
Easels   DAS
Foam board UKSAD 
Mat boards UKSAD
Old china for painting on UKSAD
Old frames   UKSAD
Paints  DAS
Set building materials  KCA
Recycled art UKSAD


Bimini top for a 20′ pontoon boat RR
Dive gear  RR
External Gas Tank 10-15 gallon w/hose and connectors  RR
Fishing gear – rods, reels, tackle, line SC
Jet ski trailer (single) RR
Snapper and grunts, legal sized KWWC


Baby feeding items (bottles, sippy cups, spoons)  DAS
Baby food, Beechnut Chicken & Chicken Broth (Stage 1) FKWR  DAS
Baby formula  DAS
Baby high chairs FKOC  FKHSC  DAS
Baby monitors FKOC   DAS
Baby and toddler clothing  FKHSC
Baby wipes FKOC
Children’s picnic tables & benches KKCA  DAS
Children’s playhouses KKCA  DAS
Clothing (baby and toddler)  DAS
Gerber baby food, chicken or beef MWBC
Maternity and baby items in good condition FKHSC
Maternity clothing  FKHSC
Movies, childrens   DAS
Pedialyte/Ricelyte (or generic) FKWBC     DAS
Playpen  FKWBC 
Toys   DAS 

Coconut Cay PinkFood Items


Applesauce  DAS
Baked beans (canned)  DAS
Berries, fresh MWBC
Berries frozen/fresh  KWWC MWBC  DAS
Coconuts  UKHS
Corn meal DAS
Ensure Plus (vanilla) DAS
Fish, fresh bait  MWBC
Flour   DAS
Fresh food (i.e. catering leftovers) SOM  DAS
Fresh, frozen fruit  DAS
Frozen corn MWBC KWWC
Frozen mixed vegetable  FKWBC
Fish, frozen  DAS
Granola bars  DAS
Grits   DAS
Individually packaged snack food FKCSI
Jelly  DAS
Ketchup  DAS
Lettuce, Romaine DAS
Mayonnaise  DAS
Meat (frozen), chicken, beef, pork   DAS
Mustard  DAS
Noodles, Ramen  DAS
Nuts in Shell DAS
Oatmeal   DAS
Oil, cooking  DAS
Pasta  DAS
Peanut butter  DAS
Non perishable food items FKOCSOM  
Snack foods, individually packaged  DAS
Soups, all kinds  DAS
Tomato sauce  DAS
Wheatena DAS
Wheat Grain  FKWBC
Vegetables, canned  DAS
Vitamin B-1 100 Mg Tablets   FKWBC


Arm chairs FKOC  DAS
Beds, bunk (for grown men)  DAS
Beds, twin  AH
Bedding for twin beds  DAS

Bookcase  RR
Carpeting and padding (new)  KWBG  DAS
Chairs, bamboo  KWBG
Chair, executive office  RR
Chairs, folding directors (counter top height)  UKHS

Living room furniture  DAS
Lockers (e.g., school, gym, or smaller square ones)  GCC
Mattress (air) and pump   DAS
Medicine cabinet, mirrored  HP
Patio furniture FKOC  DAS   SH  GCC
Patio umbrella, 7 – 9′  KWBG  DAS
Picnic tables  DAS
Rugs  HP
Self-standing canopy KWBG
Shelving, utility (18″ shelves, four tiers)  KWBG
Stainless Steel Sinks  MWBC
Sleeping bags  DAS
Small entertainment centers/television stands FKOC  DAS
Sofas FKOC
Sound masking devices or wall soundproofing  SH
Storage shelving SOM
Tables – 6 ft. and 8 ft. DM
Tables, picnic KWBG  DAS
Tables,  folding  KWBG  GC  UKHS
Table cloths (round and long) KWBG
Televisions FKOC
Twin beds FKOC
Twin bunk beds FKOC


Bird bath  FKWBC
Buckets, 5 gallon  KWBG
Butterfly nets  FKWBC
Ceramic pots, large decorative  KWBG
Chipper,  shredder  KWBG
Garden gloves KWBG 
Green outdoor fencing paint KWBG
Hand gardening tools KWBG
Hanging planters KKCA
Hedge trimmer, electric  KWBG
Hoe, heavy duty  KWBG
Hoses/Nozzles  KWWC
Iguana Be-gone  KWBG
Landscaping timbers KKCA
Leaf blower, electric only  KWWC   DAS
Long pole power trimmer  KWBG
Loppers  KWBG
Plants in hanging baskets KKCA
Planting flags with wire stems  KWBG
Potted plants KKCA  FKWBC
Potting soil KWBG
Pottery KWBG
Pruners  KWBG
Rake, metal  KWBG MWBC  FKWBC
Shovels / pick axe KWBG
Spud bar  KWBG
Storage shed (outdoor) KKCA   DAS
Tools, variety of garden  SH 
Watering Can  KWBG 
Weed whacker  KWBG
Wheelbarrow KWWC MWBC KWBG

Household items

Aluminum foil  DAS
Batteries (AAA and 9 Volt only) DAS
Bicycles AH  HP  GC  DAS
Black trash bags MWBC
Blankets UKHS
Brooms, push and regular  KWBG KKCA  DAS
Bowls, cereal  DAS
Bungie cords  MWBC
CDs (Old, such as promotional) GAES
Cable ties  MWBC
Can openers  DAS
Cans, aluminum (for recycling for payment)  UKHS
Cell phones with charger (re-loadable kind)   DAS 
Cleaning supplies, bathroom (non-toxic only)   DAS  UKHS  AH
Clothes line  KWBG
Clothing, men’s & women’s  GCC
Clothing (all kinds) AH
Clothing racks  FKHSC
Coolers, large and small  KWBG
Comforters/blankets  DAS  FF
Distilled water MWBC
Detergent, dish (non-toxic)  DAS
Dishes  DAS
Dish Rags  DAS
Duct tape KWWC MWBC
Dustpan, large  KWBG
DVD players FKOC SF
Garbage cans and bins  KWBG
Hand soap FKOC
Hand dryer  KWBG
Heating pads MWBC  FKWBC  UKHS
Household cleaning products (non-toxic only) FKOC FKWBC
40 Ft. Electrical Extension Power Cord – preferably retractable SF
Kitchen items FKOC
Linens, twin bed  HP
Mattress covers, twin   DAS
Newspapers  UKHS
Paint, both for the interior and exterior of the building (low or no VOC only)  FKCSI
Paint in primary colors (red, yellow, green, blue, purple) (low or no VOC only)  KKCA
Paper cups for hot drinks  DAS
Paper to be used to distribute food SOM   DAS
Personal hygiene products FKCSI   DAS
Pillow cases MWBC  FKWBC  DAS
Plastic storage tubs  FKHSC
Pots and pans, large   HP   DAS
Purses   GCC
Rechargeable batteries KWBG
Rope, sisal  FKWBC
Rubbermaid containers (18-gal size, with lids) FKWR
Rubber gloves FKWBC  DAS  UKHS
Shoes  GCC
Shower curtains, liners  DAS
Silverware  (forks, spoons, knives)   DAS  HP
Soap, liquid hand (non-toxic)   DAS
Soap, bar (non-toxic)  DAS
Sponges for dish washing (the two sides sponges, one side rough, one side soft, are best)   KWWC MWBC  DAS  UKHS
Storage containers, small plastic  FKWBC  DAS
Timers, kitchen digital  FKWBC
Toilet bowl cleaner KWWC
Toilet paper FKOC FKWBC   DAS  UKHS
Toiletries (e.g., soap, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving cream) (non-toxic)   HP
Towels, bath  FKWBC  SH  UKHS
Trash cans with lids  KKCA
Twin size sheets FKOC MWBC   DAS
Wallpaper catalogue books UKSAD
Wash cloths   DAS
Zip ties, Heavy duty KWWC  FKWBC

Medical Items

Alcohol, rubbing  MWBC  FKWBC  DAS
Gauze, any size sterile and non-sterile FKWBC
Gloves, sterile  DAS
Hydrogen peroxide MWBC  DAS
Microscopes SC
Saline eye solution  MWBC
Stethoscope  FKWBC
Surgical light  FKWBC
Tegaderm® FKWBC
Wheel chair  KWBG GCC  RR

Couple at Blue HoleMusical instruments

Any instrument but recorder in particular UKSAD  DAS  GCC
Band Instruments UKSAD
Baritones FKCCB
Clarinets BVMP FKCCB
Drums  BVMP
Drum sticks  BVMP
French Horn FKCCB
Guitar case   DAS
Music Stand FKCCB  BVMP  DAS
Percussion Instruments and Accessories FKCCB
Printed Music UKSAD
Saxophones BVMP FKCCB
Sheet music, BVMP
Small keyboards for the kids to take home BVMP
Trombone FKCCB

Office equipment

Binders   FKWBC
Bulletin boards FKHSC  SH
Camera, digital   HP    DAS  MCT
Can opener, professional/industrial  GCC
Case, plexiglass display  SH
CD-RW, DVD-RW data discs FKWR
CDs (old, such as promotional) GAES
Chairs, office  GCC  SH  DAS
Computers  MCT  GCC  RR     HP   FKOC
Copier toner (TN-350) MWBC
Desk, executive with drawers  WK  KH
Fax machine  SA
File Folders FKCCB FKWR DM
Filing cabinet (lateral with 2 or 3 drawers)  WK
General office supplies FKCSI  DAS
Highlighters   FKWBC
HP ink cartridges (95, 96, or 110) MWBC  DAS
Ink cartridge for HP Photosmart 7510   MCT
Hanging file folders (letter size) FKWR  MCT
Index cards  FKWBC  MWBC
Laptop computer with internet capabilities   DAS  GCC  UKHS  MCT  RR
Locking file cabinets KWBG
Masking Tape FKWR
Office chair  MCT
Packing tape FKWR
Paper, legal or letter or colored   FKWBC
Postage scale DM
Postage stamps   FKWBC
Printer  FKHSC  RR  UKHS
Projector capable of being hooked up to a DVD player SF
Projector  HP
Push pins KH
Paper, copy  FKHSC
Printers FKOC
Printer paper MWBC
Rugs, office  DAS
Shredder, Heavy Duty KH
Sharpie markers  DAS  UKHS  MWBC FKWBC  KWBG  FKWR
Store display fixtures   DM
Sound system, professional grade and portable  MCT
Staplers, regular and heavy duty  KWBG
Toner cartridges for Brother TN-310 (all colors)   MCT
Toner cartridges  KH
Video projector RR
Water fountain  KWBG

charter boat rowPersonal care

Bandages MWBC
Feminine hygiene products   DAS
Hand, body cream (non-toxic)   DAS
Hair items (barrettes, scrunchies, headbands)   DAS
Hydrogen peroxide MWBC
Make-up (non-toxic only)  DAS
Rubbing alcohol MWBC
Saline eye solution MWBC

Pet supplies

Aquatic Turtle food KWBG
Aquarium, small plastic MWBC
Aquariums  FKWBC
Aquarium supplies SC
Bird seed MWBC
Bowls for dog and cat (preferable heavier bowls) KWWC
Cat Food  UKHS  FF
Cat Litter  UKHS  FF
Cat supplies (toys, bowls, litter box)  FF 
Cat Food, canned FKWBC
Cat Food, dry  FKWBC
Collars and leashes (for adopters)  UKHS
Dog and cat carriers  UKHS  FKWBC  FF KWWC MWBC
Dog food, dry high protein   KWWC
Dog Food, canned and dry  UKHS
Fish tanks, 10 gallon glass KWWC
Puppy chow MWBC
Salt Water Aquarium supplies  RR
Treats and toys for dogs and cats   UKHS
Wild bird seed – Finch mix KWWC
Wood shavings (can be bought at Blossoms in Key West) KWWC

Real estate

Housing for interns MWBC
Office space FKHSC
Storage space FKHSC

School supplies

Aluminum Foil UKSAD
Colored Pencils UKSAD
Crayons, Markers UKSAD  DAS
Elmer’s Glue UKSAD
Fabric, Burlap, Felt UKSAD
Notebooks   DAS
Paints, Brushes UKSAD  DAS
Paper, lined  DAS
Pencils  DAS
Pencil Sharpeners UKSAD  DAS
Pens  DAS
Plastic Canvas UKSAD
Plywood UKSAD
Printer Paper, Folders UKSAD
Sandpaper UKSAD
Science supplies  SC
Small hand tools UKSAD
Theme/Colored Paper UKSAD
Yarn, Cord, String UKSAD

Florida Keys Sunset


Carpentry hardware (nails, screws etc) KWBG 
Chain saw  KWBG
Chalk line with bonus HFH
Cinder Blocks TNC
Circular saw  KWBG
Cordless drills HFH
Crowbar KWBG
Drill, power  KWBG
Dry wall saw HFH
Dust mask 20 package HFH
Extension cords, heavy duty KWBG
Flashlights   DAS
Generator  KWBG  DAS
Green outdoor fencing paint (low or no VOC)  KWBG
Hack saw HFH
Impact driver  KWBG
Jackhammer  KWBG
Level  KWBG
Lumber, treated   FKWBC
Paint sprayer  KWBG
Portable table saw KWBG
Paint brushes / rollers KWBG  DAS
Paint sprayer  KWBG
Pallet Jack for moving heavy food SOM
Power saw KWBG
Power washer  KWBG  DAS
Paint roller covers, handles, screens, extension handles  KWBG
Sand and gravel  FKWBC
Screw drivers  KWBG
Tape measure-29ft. KWBG
Trough (large plastic container)  FKWBC
Walkie-talkie KWBG
Welding gloves  FKWBC


Van or pickup truck  FKWBC  DAS
Cars   DAS