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Why Choose Only Organic?

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  • Better for Baby
  • Better Taste
  • Better Nutrition?
  • Better farming


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Why only organic?

We make nutritious and delicious meals, brekkies, finger foods and?snacks for your growing baby, toddler and child. We use only certified organic ingredients that we completely trust and we were the first certified organic baby food range in New Zealand and Australia.

?We promise to make the best food for your little one that’s nourishing,?tasty and convenient, to give them the very best start.

  • Pure and nutritious food because your baby deserves the best.
  • Fresh and flavourful organic fruit, veggies and meat.
  • Designed by chefs and made with care with goodness in every mouthful.
  • Premium ingredients farmed and gathered in sustainable ways.

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Certified organic quality assurance

We use ingredients grown on certified organic farms with no artificial fertilisers or pesticides.